I can totally sympathize with the child as I grew up bilingual. I think the only reason I’m fluent in Spanish is because my Mom hauled me off to Mexico every summer for two months and I was forced to speak Spanish. I was a stubborn child, and still am, so what can I really say?
Yo entiendo.

In America

Editor’s note: Rose Arce is a senior producer at CNN and a contributor to Mamiverse, a website for Latinas and their families.

By Rose Arce, CNN

(CNN) — I am sitting in the North Charleston Coliseum in South Carolina ensconced in a piece of pure Americana. A CNN debate between the Republican presidential candidates is unfolding beneath a sea of cardboard red, white and blue stars and stripes.

“I favor English as the official language of government and I think that creates a continuity,” Newt Gingrich says, punching away at his opponent before a roaring crowd of Southern Republicans.

There was continuity weeks later at the CNN debate in Jacksonville, Florida, where nearly a quarter of the population is Hispanic. “I also believe that in our schools, we should teach kids in English,” Mitt Romney says to thunderous applause.

What American — Latino or not — wouldn’t applaud…

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