Not really writing this with any particular thought, just more or less how things pop into my mind.

I want to keep a blog consistently
At least the that’s the idea. I want to be able to look back and see how I thought this time next year, because the world is not going to end on 12-23-2012. Sorry, world, pick a different day for the Apocalypse.

I want to give up alcohol for a year
The trick is to do it on a year that no one important is getting married. 2012 actually looks ideal but I will need a less stress job first, yes, my job drives me to drink…damn glad I like everything except cheap vodka.

I want to donate blood
I never could donate when they asked in college or work, and I have always managed an excuse, generally it was I literally had been out of the country or I didn’t weight enough or I was anemic.

I want to live in Spain or Italy and teach English
I want to do this for a year while I’m still unanchored by children, a husband, or a house. I will come back to the USA unless I meet some European and fall madly in love. Which is highly unlikely given my kind of luck.

I want to open my own cupcake shop
One day after I’ve traveled the world, I want to open my own cupcake shop, serve coffee, have lots of books and comfy couches, and decorate with my pictures I’ve taken of all the places I’ve visited.

I need to buy an urn
My Dad’s ashes are currently in my dresser, on a shelf, I need to find an urn, preferably a US Marine Corp emblazon one. It will be the temporary home until ‘see visit Montana’

Visit Montana to spread my Dad’s ashes
My Dad made sure he told me countless times he wanted to be cremated and have his ashes spread among the mountains of Montana. My Mom wanted to dump him in the river in our backyard but I yelled and now I have the ashes. I haven’t figured out when it is I’m going out to Montana to have my sister do the ashes spreading because that’s what my Dad wanted.

I want a beach house
I want my own beach bungalow, on some sandy beach. Whether its the coast of Spain or the Outer Banks, I will have the ocean as my front yard one day.

I want to get married in Napa or Mexico or Key West
I want a wedding surrounded by family and close friends. I want good food, good music, and good wine. I want memories that will last forever. I want to get married close to where a good chunk of my family lives, Mexico, the rest of my family has flown before and/or can afford it. I essentially want a big fat Mexican wedding.

I want to get a picture of me and my 3 sisters
Pretty self explanatory, we’ve never been in the same room before. I just want one picture.

I want to visit Antarctica, Africa, and Austrailia
I have two connections the would make Austrailia and Africa enjoyable but Antarctica, that’s gonna take some thought.

I want to visit Alaska and Hawaii
Mostly so I can I say I’ve been to all 50 states.

I am determined to be debt free by NYE 2012
With the exception of student loans, I plan to be free of credit cards and car payments by the end of 2012, a whole year from now.

I feel this is a sizable list, one which I will probably add onto when I think of more things but for now will do.