My Tio Luis told me to pour myself some tequila. Not something I thought I’d ever hear come out of his mouth. My mom and I sipped tequila together, another first. I should also mention that my grandma said as I poured

that’s not a shot…

yes, Abuelita…

Let me go back and start with how this morning started, Christmas morning…I woke up at 7, first time I’ve slept past 430 in 3 or 4 days. I’m the first to really get moving, which is odd. after mom gets moving and making tea, I told her I was getting in the shower…

no hay agua caliente, the hot water heater is broken.

yes, that’s my luck, the latest example of Murphy’s law come true in my life.

I guess I have to use the bucket… Here I thought I was gonna have 5 star accommodations (sarcasm)

My mother’s response:

welcome to Mexico.